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And the Angel said:
"Jesus is not here, for He has Risen from the dead~ just as He said He would!"
See: Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24 & John 20
I was sent this in my email & thought it would make a very good page to share.

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© 1998 Patricia L. Carpenter
{Poem Book 3}

Be no longer 'sad'
for JESUS is 'alive' & 'well', *
ONE DAY we will see Him face to Face *
& with Him ~ forever dwell!

Let Him 'live' each day *
inside your heart & soul,
Yield your ALL to Him
& He'll ever be your goal.

Pursue Him with all your might
stand ready ~ 'His Will' to do,
For He is NOT DEAD
but wants to live inside of you.

Make Him 'alive' inside your heart
don't walk around 'half dead', *
He's waiting for you to give the word:
"I've REPENTED & don't want all this dread!"

It's amazing how you'll find
yourself in the Morning Son,
'Praising', 'Rejoicing' & 'Singing' *
to that 'Glorious One'!

A heart 'renewed'
& 'revived' once more from sin,
For we've returned to God
& 'Life Eternal' we will win! *

* Mt.28 & Mk.16 & Lk.24 & Jn.20; Rev.22:4;
Acts 1:8;  Rev.3:19;  Ps.145:1;  Rev.3:21.
Thanks again, Joanne Lowe, for this lovely Plaque & for thinking of me in your Prayers!  I trust you have stopped by & visited her site!  Love & Prayers, Patsy
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